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Celebrating Love and Cannabis: A Marijuana-Friendly Wedding

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, the possibilities are endless. From rustic barns to beachside affairs, couples today are embracing unique themes and personal touches to make their big day truly memorable. One emerging trend that's gaining popularity is the marijuana-friendly wedding. Imagine a celebration that combines love, laughter, and the soothing embrace of cannabis. Let's explore the concept of a marijuana-friendly wedding, its benefits, and even introduce you to some fantastic vendors who can help you create your own cannabis-infused wedding experience.

St.Louis tablescape with marijuana friendly details

Why Choose a Marijuana-Friendly Wedding?

A marijuana-friendly wedding is all about creating an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere for your guests. It's not about encouraging excessive consumption but rather providing a safe and enjoyable space for those who choose to partake. Here are a few reasons why couples are opting for this unique wedding experience:

Stress Relief: Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and many couples find cannabis to be a great stress-reliever. Offering it to your guests can help them unwind and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Enhanced Creativity: Some people find that cannabis enhances their creativity. If you and your partner are artistic souls, this can be a great way to infuse your personalities into the wedding decor and entertainment.

Connection: Cannabis has a way of bringing people together. Sharing a joint or passing a bowl can foster meaningful conversations and create lasting memories.

Pain Management: For guests with medical conditions, a marijuana-friendly wedding can provide a more comfortable experience by offering a natural pain management option.

stunning arched floral design around dessert table

Educational Facts About a Marijuana-Friendly Wedding

Before diving into the planning process, it's important to be aware of some key facts about hosting a marijuana-friendly wedding:

Legal Considerations: Cannabis laws vary widely depending on your location. It's crucial to research and ensure that your celebration complies with local regulations.

Responsible Consumption: Promote responsible consumption. Consider having a designated area for smoking or vaping and ensure there are alternatives like edibles for those who prefer not to smoke.

Safety First: Just like alcohol, marijuana can impair judgment and coordination. Encourage guests to arrange for safe transportation or accommodations if needed.

Communication: Inform your guests in advance about the cannabis-friendly aspect of your wedding. This allows those who may not be comfortable with it to plan accordingly.

lounge pocket seating for wedding guests

Marijuana-Friendly Wedding Vendors

Now that you're considering a marijuana-friendly wedding, it's essential to partner with vendors who understand and support your vision. Here are a few standout vendors who can help you create the perfect cannabis-infused celebration:

1. The High Bar Experience -Missouri's first luxury mobile cannabis bar perfect for any occasion!

2. St. Louis Cannabis Club Connecting the culture to the industry via events, products, services & spaces.

3. CFS Woodworks -Custom Kush Boards

Incorporating cannabis into your wedding can be a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. Remember, it's all about creating a celebration that reflects your personalities and values. So, if you and your partner are cannabis enthusiasts, why not consider a marijuana-friendly wedding to make your special day even more extraordinary?

Vendor team:

Design + Planning: AJcoordinates

Concept + Photography: Jamie Nicole Krause

Hair + Makeup: Ashley Boren Makeup

Florals: Roses and Mint

Custom Kush Boards: CFS Woodworks

Dispensaries: Sinse Cannabis

North Dispensary

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