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A Tale of Elegance: Inside the Wedding Design Process for David and Elisabeth's Big Day

Couple in front of Noble bank Vault in St.Louis
As a wedding planner, every couple we work with brings a unique vision that transforms into an unforgettable event. But the journey of David and Elisabeth in crafting their dream wedding was one for the books. Get a behind the scenes view of the entire process, from our initial virtual meetings to the final touches on their wedding day.

Our journey with David and Elisabeth began with a series of monthly virtual meetings. The couple's home location is Washington DC so being able to meet virtually was ideal for both the couple and Ashley, their lead planner.While the pandemic has made face-to-face interactions less frequent, we've embraced technology to ensure that we can still provide a hands-on experience. These meetings were crucial in understanding their desires, preferences, and concerns. We listened, provided expert advice, and guided them through the different stages of planning.

One of the key steps in the planning process is creating a budget. It's an aspect that can be daunting for most couples. As part of our services, we helped David and Elisabeth manage their budget effectively. Through careful planning and organization, we ensured that every dollar spent brought them closer to their dream wedding without breaking the bank. Taking into consideration what was most important to them and their wedding vision. Ensuring those aspects were met first before advising on any additional items.
One of my favorite moments of the couples wedding weekend was their welcome dinner. David and his father are enthusiastic Harley riders. Suggesting and booking the Moto Museum was a no brainer for Ashley when it came to planning this dinner. It was the cherry on top that they also catered to The Noble so again a cohesive dinner menu was made as well.

modern and chic wedding invitations for St.louis couple

bright red and pink hues in bridal bouquet by Floral Play
The stationery design was another significant element. We believe that an invitation is more than just a request for someone's presence. It's a sneak peek into what the guests should expect. With that in mind, we designed invitations that were not only visually appealing but also embodied the theme of the wedding. Keeping the modern, arch design into the stationery. We used minted to execute a cohesive look. 

Creating a cohesive design aesthetic is vital for any wedding. After our initial design consultation I knew hiring Hoba at Floral Play would not only understand their vision but be able to exceed their wildest floral dreams. It all started with the ceremony backdrop. We chose an elegant design that seamlessly blended with their chosen color scheme. The result? A breathtaking sight that welcomed guests as they walked into the Noble. This piece was able to later be transitioned above the eye catching vault inside the reception space. The couple's sweetheart table mimicked the ceremony piece with a cascading floral arrangement. The Noble is a very historic and beautiful space in itself so the couple along with guidance from FloralPlay decided that minimal design was needed for the guests' tables. Wanting to take guests' eyes up to the Nobles high ceilings we went with a combination of tall and short pieces to illuminate in all the right ways.

For David and Elisabeth’s wedding, we crafted a unique welcome bag that not only served as a charming introduction to their special weekend but also encapsulated the couple's journey and love for the city, St. Louis. The core of this welcome bag was a bespoke newspaper-style program brimming with details about the weekend events, profiles of the wedding party, and a heartwarming backstory of the couple's journey to the altar.

To pay homage to the city where Elisabeth found the joy for her career path, we thoughtfully curated local St. Louis goodies. Each bag included a packet of Red Hot Riplets, a local favorite snack, and delicious Gooey Butter Cake Cookies embodying the sweet spirit of the city. We also added essentials like Advil and a small water bottle to ensure our guests were comfortable throughout the festivities.
But the pièce de résistance was the custom wedding favor bags. David and Elisabeth first met at a local coffee shop that Elisabeth was employed at, so it seemed fitting to include a bag of their favorite locally sourced coffee. We also added a coffee mug for a touch of nostalgia and an assortment of small cookie treats for a sweet finish.
Welcome bag contents. Red hot riplets and gooey butter cookies
Creating these goodie bags was a labor of love. Our approach was rooted in attention to detail, ensuring each item had a purpose and told a part of the couple's story. These welcome bags not only provided guests with practical items for the wedding weekend but also offered a personal, intimate insight into the couple's love story and their journey together. The impact was overwhelmingly positive, adding an extra layer of warmth and personalization to the wedding weekend experience. It truly set the tone for the nuptials, making it a weekend to remember.
In this digital age, a wedding website is a must. It serves as a central hub where guests can find all the information they need about the wedding. We designed a user-friendly website that captured the essence of David and Elisabeth's love story while providing practical information like the date, venue, and gift registry. Again with the majority of guests coming to st.Louis for the first time being able to incorporate hotel recommendations and travel guidance was beneficial for the traveling group.
Another service that we provided was handling their RSVP tracking and guest count. This task can be tedious and time-consuming for couples. So, we took it upon ourselves to ensure that every guest was accounted for, and all dietary preferences were noted. One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding is the seating chart layout. It's like putting together a complex puzzle. But with our expertise, we were able to create a seating arrangement that fostered good vibes and great conversations. Because we were able to handle the RSVPs and dietary restrictions of guests creating their seating chart and place cards was a seamless process.

 Planning David and Elisabeth's wedding was a rewarding journey. Each step of the process was meticulously thought out and executed. The result? A beautiful wedding that was a true reflection of their love and personality.

excited couple exits their wedding ceremony

Vendor Team:

Design & Planning: AJcoordinates
Venue + Catering: The Noble | Culinary Canvas
Florals: Floral Play
Photography: JKG Photography
Rentals: STL booth
Stationery: Minted Printing by: Done Dept
Rehearsal Dinner: The Smith
Travel + Accommodations: Angad Hotel
After Party: Rockwell Brewery
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