Grbic Events

When I first put out a post that I was looking for intimate wedding vendors one of the first venues I got comments about was Grbic's. To be honest I had no idea this place existed or how to even pronounce this location. But after the third vendor and a friend of mine mentioned this venue I had to take a look at it myself. Boy did they not disappoint; This place is picture perfect for an intimate wedding and reception. The main restaurant can be made into a magical intimate setting for you and your family. It can comfortable fit up to 60 your closest friends and family in front of their beautiful European fireplace. But they also have a great attached event space that can take a larger crowd of around 360 guests. Both locations are gorgeous, the event manager caught me several times taking in all the art work and decor they have along the restaurant. Whether you are looking for a large or smaller wedding count you can't go wrong with this family owned restaurant.

4071 Keokuk

Saint Louis, MO 



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